Life, the Universe and Everything

Because most blogs seem to have a post or label called ‘life’ I decided to have one of my own (but i couldn’t resist adding the rest of the phrase from Doug Adams).

Right. So about this life business- its pretty nice to have one I guess. There are of course some side effects to it- like the need for wages and much chance to commit several stupidities.

Lives tend to follow rather simillar patterns- preceded by ‘birth’ (about which no one blogs much because- thankfully- they dont remember their own) and followed by ‘death’ (also less popular than the topic ‘life’ on blogs since this particular condition renders one unable to blog). In the middle there are the common grand questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here?’, ‘what is the purpose of  my life’ etc. (which lead to these blogs) and the even more common sense of uniquness of self.

Most lives contain ample time to do several  inconsequential things several times over but not enough to do much else. Many books, articles, poems, blogs etc. are written to get rid of the feeling that the previous statement is true for the author’s life.

On the question ‘is life an end to itself’ much ink has been expended. In our opinion (we use the term ‘our’ to absolve the individual in question of the inane comment that follows) there is ‘life’ and there is ‘non life’ all known data on the ‘non-life’ is based on conjecture and could not be verified by us. Therefore, in the absense of anything to compare ‘life’ with we declare it an end in itself. This leads us to lend our suppor to the ‘eat, drink and be merry’ school of thought.

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On Being Caught Lying

Allow me my harmless fictions,

my occasional ignorance of reality.

Allow me the storytellers joy,

of revealing untruth owned by me.

All is made of stories,

borrowed, embellished or birthed.

Even the straightest fact,

is at least two stories worth.

I don’t believe that words,

are meant only to speak of the weather.

Why would I speak in black and white,

when all can be pinker or redder?

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